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Johnny Cochran's Legacy Misused

12 points proving injustice 
1)  Johnnie Cochran was one of the world's most successful and celebrated attorneys. He helped to exonerate numerous defendants and won significant courtroom victories for victimized minority clients, including police victims' survivors. Cochran won an acquittal for O.J. Simpson in 1995. He entered a subpoena to demand FBI records in defense of Geronimo ji-Jaga (formerly "Elmer Gerard Pratt"), the former minister of defense for the Black Panther Party. Thanks in large part to Cochran, ji-Jaga's conviction was vacated in 1997 after the innocent man had spent 27 years in prison, eight of them in solitary confinement. Cochran said that helping to exonerate ji-Jaga was the most satisfying achievement of his career. It appears that ji-Jaga was a political prisoner set up by CoIntelPro.

2)  “COINTELPRO (an acronym for Counter Intelligence Program) was/is a series of covert, and often illegal, projects conducted by the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) aimed at surveilling, infiltrating, discrediting, and disrupting domestic political organizations. COINTELPRO tactics included discrediting targets through psychological warfare, planting false reports in the media, smearing through forged letters, harassment, wrongful imprisonment, extralegal violence and assassination.

3)  Covert operations under COINTELPRO took place between 1956 and 1971; however, the FBI has used covert operations against targeted individuals and domestic political groups since its inception. The FBI's stated motivation at the time was ‘protecting national security, preventing violence, and maintaining the existing social and political order’” (Wikipedia and other sources). The "social order" was and still is dominance by white elitists. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcolm X, and many people who protested environmental pollution, the Vietnam War, and systemic racism were targeted by COINTELPRO, especially members of the Black Panther Party. Most of COINTELPRO's budget went to suppressing African Americans' quest for civil and human rights. Although whites and Jews as well as Native Americans and Puerto Ricans were also surveilled, one of the FBI program's main goals was to "prevent the rise of a black Messiah,"

4)  Johnnie Cochran manifested signs of becoming a “black Messiah.” Cochran experienced numerous successes against police departments in wrongful death and brutality cases, and he had bigger plans. In 2002, Cochran announced plans he and others made to gather a "dream team" of lawyers to sue the United States and major corporations for slavery and Jim Crow reparations. In preparation, he gave free legal services to claimants who planned to sue for damages related to the Tulsa, Oklahoma 1921 riots (Black Wall Street). Perhaps to raise capital for the reparations lawsuit, Cochran sold part ownership of his law firm to some Southern whites, then fell ill with an inoperable brain tumor and died on May 28, 2005.

5)  Who would make better CoIntelPro agents than lawyers operating falsely under a name that people trust like Johnnie Cochran's? CoIntelPro's agenda was/is to keep wealth out of blacks' hands, spy on communication, and take other offensive actions to maintain the "status quo." Lawyers do not have to spy on their clients; we answer whatever they ask, thinking our communication is protected by client/attorney privilege. We also believe that lawyers who contract with us in civil action cases work diligently because they are paid on a contingency basis.

6)  The Cochran Firm, under the new partners, are repeatedly sued for fraud and racism. Most lawsuits against The Cochran Firm have been unsuccessful despite an abundance of evidence presented by plaintiffs. In "Neals v. The Cochran Firm," the law firm had no defense to allegations that it contracted to represent survivors of Larry Neal but did absolutely no work on the case during 11 of Tennessee's 12-month statute of limitations for personal injury lawsuits. The case involved a mentally ill African American man who was secretly arrested and killed in Memphis Shelby County Jail in 2003. Having no defense to the Neals' lawsuit for fraud and malpractice, The Cochran Firm falsely declared its Georgia offices "nonexistent," and Georgia Superior Court as well as federal court agreed with them. The "nonexistent"Cochran Firm law office in Atlanta had other cases before those very courts at that time. The CochranFirm's Atlanta office had television commercials, billboards, Internet ads, and MARTA ads offering its services to Georgians while declaring itself nonexistent in court. Who are those masked men and women?

7)  Dozens of former clients, attorneys, and a partnering law firm have sued The Cochran Firm, alleging fraud, racism, sex discrimination, and/or malpractice. Randy McMurray, a former partner, sued the firm for RICO Act racketeering. Lawsuits against The Cochran Firm are published in legal journals, but reports about lawsuits against the firm seldom reach the public. That is because mainstream media is apparently complicit in The Cochran Firm frauds against Africans in America, Native Americans, and Latinos. So are many other entities, such as those that continually ignore The Cochran Firm's proved duplicity and award the firm and its lawyers high honors that are not deserved.

8)  The Cochran Firm saves government entities and corporations billions annually some years by defrauding its own clients in civil actions. For example, in the case of John Crawford, III's fatal shooting by police in an Ohio Walmart store, The Cochran Firm only demanded $75,000. Johnnie Cochran may have had doubts about his new partners' honesty in criminal law matters. Former Cochran Firm attorney Shawn Chapman Holley revealed that Cochran made his partners agree to never undertake criminal law cases (perhaps because of their private prison investments or connections).

9)  Legal Victories: Under the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution and Article 19 of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, this writer has the right to notify legal consumers in minority communities about The Cochran Firm fraud against them, although efforts to do so are illegally censored. Unfortunately, consumer protection agencies, including the BBB, apparently participate in nondisclosure. The BBB refused to take a consumer report from Mary Neal when the law firm claimed falsely that it had no law offices in Georgia. Either The Cochran Firm has an Atlanta office, or it engages in false advertising. Yet the FCC and FTC do nothing to stop their ads. Mary Neal's reports about TheCochran Firm fraud have been followed by intimidation and endangerment, home burglaries, and financial persecution against the writer and her family that are thus far refused investigation and legal remedy. Meanwhile, the list of lawsuits against The Cochran Firm alleging malpractice continue to grow.

10)  The Cochran Firm claimed in Georgia Superior Court that the Atlanta law office was NOT a CochranFirm office and had no association with other Cochran Firm offices. The Cochran Firm further claimed when sued by the Neals in federal court that it had NO law offices in the City of Memphis. Nevertheless, The Cochran Firm is now fighting in California after lawsuit by Randy McMurray to be considered ONE law firm with multiple offices across the nation, just like it proclaims on its website and all its ads and according to its representation to the Neal family. The identity and operations of that law firm are shrouded in secrecy. The Cochran Firm's identity changes according to whether one is a legal consumer seeking services or a former client planning to sue the firm for fraud.

11)  Johnnie Cochran's legacy is misused to defraud his people. I urge you to stay informed about what is done, or not done, regarding the wrongful death cases of Chavis Carter and John Crawford, III. People who have already lost close relatives to violence by police or corrections officers do not deserve to be further victimized by The Cochran Firm frauds like the Neal family was. Thank you for checking the data and sharing this article to save other consumers of legal services who are people of color. "Speak for the poor and oppressed and all who are appointed to destruction" ~Proverbs 31:8-9. Share the truth, and save someone from fraud.

12)  Seven References ~
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