Sunday, February 21, 2016

Coleman Defrauded by Cochran Firm

I spoke to Mr. Coleman, another Georgia victim of The Cochran Firm fraud, during a radio recording. Coleman relayed that Hezekiah Sistrunk, pictured above, and The Cochran Firm defrauded him after his infant was stabbed in her brain during her delivery. Coleman and I experienced much interference, as shown on the screen shot below. As the host, my number should have the asterisk beside it. As you can see, that is not the case. My phone number at (678)531-0262 is not even in view. Instead, hackers were our hosts at telephone number (713)481-6555, according to the records supplied by Hear the interview at >> Click the photo to see a larger view.

I requested that authorities would investigate this crime and prosecute the hackers who refuse to allow American legal consumers freedom of press and free speech to expose and oppose The Cochran Firm's lawyer fraud that targets African Americans with particularity. Coleman discusses a Southern doctor who is possibly a eugenicist and/or an alcoholic, his stillborn daughter, being defrauded by his lawyers at The Cochran Firm, his judge who was later disbarred, and a refusal by the Georgia Bar to censure The Cochran Firm.

According to Mr. Coleman, he and Tonya, the baby's mother, had two defendants: the hospital and the doctor. He said the lawyers settled his case against the hospital for $100k but paid the dead baby's parents only $4k each, ignoring the contract. The contract allowed the lawyers to keep up to 45 percent of monies recovered. 

Mr. Coleman feels that the lawyers deliberately botched his case against Dr. Bendell and recovered no damages at all from him. We experienced censorship from the beginning (notice the brief silence at the beginning). At the 34.00 area of the tape, I attempted to discuss The Cochran Firm's appeal before the 9th Circuit Court regarding the firm having been pronounced "not a law firm" by the United States District Court of Central California. From that point onward, the hackers attempted to distort our voices by inserting beeps and echoes. 

I sent this proof of censorship via email to the USDOJ at, as that agency is paid tax dollars to protect Americans' constitutional rights, including the First Amendment. Elitists consider that a very undesirable section of the Constitution. In fact, some legal professionals and government officials believe African Americans are exempt from constitutional protections altogether. That may be why The Cochran Firm frauds negatively impact African American legal consumers and are a closely guarded secret. Secrecy about the CoIntelPro law firm is enforced by hackers who are allowed to censor information about The Cochran Firm's many former clients, former lawyers and partners, and a partnering law firm who also sued the firm alleging fraud, racism, sex discrimination, and/or malpractice.

Condolences to Mr. Coleman and Tonya and at least three other Black families who Mr. Coleman said lost their children during deliveries by Dr. Bendell. Mr. Coleman and I will meet and interview on videos, which will be uploaded at YouTube at my MaryLovesJustice channel and published at other social media sites. Communications about The Cochran Firm frauds via telephone, Internet radio, and even U.S. Mail experience censorship.

Mary Neal,, (678)531-0262, The Cochran Firm Fraud 

Thursday, February 11, 2016

James Earl Ray Didn't Kill MLK: Judge Joe Brown

Judge Joe Brown says James Earl Ray didn't shoot Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Ray was not in Memphis that day. YouTube link Is this why Memphis PD can secretly arrest a mentally ill Black man like Larry Neal, who emerged from jail nearly three weeks later in a body bag without accountability being demanded by the feds - although the jail was under federal overview after lawsuit by the USA for inmate abuse? I think the answer is YES. Larry Neal's murder cover-up is a "you hide my dirt, and I will hide yours" conspiracy.

Published on Jan 18, 2016 ~This year will mark the 48th-year anniversary of Martin Luther King, Jr.'s assassination, and as the last judge presiding over alleged shooter, James Earl Ray's case, Judge Joe Brown still believes "he didn't kill him." In an interview with DJ Vlad, the honorable judge says he didn't believe Ray was the gunman despite pleading guilty. Brown said, Ray denied the murder but plead guilty because he felt it was in his best interest under the circumstances given. "He said, 'I never said I killed King, I didn't kill him. I'm pleading because of Alford.'"

Watch the full interview above.

And along came The Cochran Firm to keep Larry Neal's wrongful death case OUT of court, hackers to keep Larry's sister from publicizing his murder and the Neal family's denial of due process, a judge to claim falsely that the Neals could not sue The Cochran Firm in Georgia because there were no Cochran Firm offices in that state, another judge to tell the Neals that their case against thug lawyers was "immaterial," surveillance teams to follow and intimidate the Neals, helicopters circling our home to add drama and to emphasize who demanded our silence about Larry Neal's lynching, media companies that were enlisted to keep the murder of the mentally ill heart patient out of the press, police officers who were ordered to threaten me for complaining about these crimes, etc. Now they ALL owe The Cochran Firm for helping to hide Larry Neal's murder and doing other frauds against Black clients throughout America. Read "The Cochran Firm Fraud" for the full story -- except the parts that are omitted as insurance. If you thought "12 Years a Slave" was interesting, wait until you read about my 12-year justice quest for Larry and all mentally ill Americans.

Mary Neal,, 678.531.0262

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Tiffany Cochran Edwards Joins Cochran Firm Fraud Against African Americans

See what money bought: Black Lawyers' Kids

Tiffany Cochran Edwards, your assignment, if you choose to accept it, is to get The Cochran Firm to acknowledge its fraud against Georgia courts and its clients, which was done to avoid accountability for defrauding the Neals while under contract as our wrongful death lawyers. The Cochran Firm Atlanta office claimed not to be a Cochran Firm office when The Firm was sued for fraud and malpractice, and judges agreed. Big mistake. Huge. Wrongful Death of Larry Neal >> Wear your running shoes when you approach racketeers about their frauds against African Americans.

Complaint to +CBS News re: Bias Reports re The Cochran Firm

When will CBS expose The Cochran Firm's frauds against courts of law, its African American clients, former attorneys and partners, and partnering law firms? 
Using Tiffany Cochran Edwards' face on this CoIntelPro-like program to "keep wealth out of Black hands" will NOT be an effective cover-up. The frauds are too numerous to continue undisclosed. See "Cochran Firm Fraud" website at for information on many of the lawsuits and complaints against that law firm alleging racism, fraud, malpractice, sex discrimination, etc.

In May 2015, United States District Court of Central California ruled that The Cochran Firm has "unclean hands" and does NOT meet the requirements to be called "a national law firm." That matter is now before the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ("McMurray vs. The Cochran Firm"). Yet CBS failed to report this to the public and instead plans to put forward an image of The Cochran Firm being some heroic law firm and featuring Johnnie Cochran's daughter - who apparently works in a law office that had Georgia Superior Court pronounce it NONEXISTENT as a Cochran Firm law office to avoid lawsuit by defrauded clients. Hattie and Mary Neal sued The Cochran Firm after it deliberately withheld legal work as the wrongful death attorneys of Larry Neal, a mentally ill African American man, age 54, who was secretly arrested and murdered in Memphis Shelby County Jail in 2003. Thanks to The Cochran Firm's perjury (denouncing the Atlanta office's association with the national law firm and with any sister offices (Memphis)), The Cochran Firm avoided accountability for its fraud.

Ever since Johnnie Cochran's death, this law firm that operates falsely in his name has defrauded literally hundreds of families of color, particularly after corporate wrongdoing and police murders. CBS is disgusting to withhold press reports about The Cochran Firm's legal troubles but instead to promote the firm by using Cochran's daughter as the public face of the firm. See "Beware of Treacherous Lawyers - The Cochran Firm" at -- This defrauded client will update the list with numerous other lawsuits and formal complaints against The Cochran Firm this week.

I would appreciate it if CBS would expose the cover-up regarding this CoIntelPro law firm. 

The preceding report went to CBS on January 28 at 1:26pmEST from Mary Neal regarding its upcoming interview on "Just A Minute" with @Tiffany Cochran Edwards (whose name probably prevented from linking here). She spoke about Johnnie Cochran's televised defense of OJ Simpson, which propelled Cochran to superstar status as a lawyer, particularly among Blacks. Cochran has been dead for nearly 11 years, and providing adequate legal defense for criminal charges and civil action cases is the last thing The Firm is interested in doing now, MyCocoaFab, so your coverage of Edwards is unacceptable. Tell the real truth, or just be quiet.

At the MyCocoaFab article, Edwards speaks of receiving DEATH THREATS because of her relationship with Johnnie Cochran, who was her father. Did her threats include receipt of mannequin heads in the mail like mine did, simulating beheaded people? Has she ever been FOLLOWED by an entourage of vehicles led by a government vehicle and called 911, which refused to respond? Have her telephones been taken over to prevent phone calls, and has she had 12 computers destroyed to prevent her from speaking freely about The Cochran Firm? 

How dare Edwards present herself as a spokesperson for a Cochran law office that declared itself NOT to be any such thing in Georgia courts? Bougie Negroes are amazing, like Edwards, who is Cochran's daughter, and like the son of Thurgood Marshall, who is on the board of directors for CCA, one of the largest prison companies. They're making money by exploiting people their fathers tried to help.

The cover-up regarding The Cochran Firm Fraud
 against African Americans includes mainstream news, the BBB, state bar associations, and legal referral agencies, etc. Obviously, the NWO hates Blacks. In fact, "Following The Cochran Firm Fraud Trail Leads to White Liberals." >> It's a damn shame in the 21st century to have a CoIntelPro law firm. It will NOT be hidden. The first CoIntelPro program was revealed and allegedly defunded, and so will this one. Destroying computers and blocking Internet access will not work, because as the gospel of Jesus Christ proves, word-of-mouth is a powerful tool. So are public demonstrations, as was proved by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and his supporters. Media coverage in the USA is ridiculous. We must become our own mass media company. Please share this post.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The Cochran Firm Fraud's New Website

The Cochran Firm frauds have a new website. I filled in some truths in brackets to clarify the lies in place:

With a reputation like ours [which you can see at "Beware of Treacherous Lawyers: The Cochran Firm"], it’s easy to get swept away with accolades and awards [that the firm does not deserve]. At the Cochran Firm, though, our experienced and aggressive personal injury attorneys and criminal defense lawyers focus not on praise, but the dedication to handling quality, legal representation for injured people, their families, and the ordinary citizen [meaning citizens too simple minded to check online for complaints from former clients], as implemented by Johnnie Cochran over four decades ago [until he announced plans to sue the USA and major corporations for slavery and Jim Crow, then partnered with Southern whites and died shortly afterward].

Through advocacy [for the police], we will always promote respect among all races, religions and cultures. Whether a serious injury wrongfully imposed or a tragic human death, we are dedicated to respecting and obtaining full justice for all people [except Blacks. The frauds might ask for $75,000 if you are shot dead by police like John Crawford, III, or they sometimes lie and never file suit or make any demand]. As a national firm [not so, according to U.S. District Court], we have the range and depth of legal expertise, talent and resources [waited until the day of trial and told a St. Louis mother the firm was out of money and could not represent her son's death by police] essential to face any opponent, anywhere [meaning they take cases even in states where they are not licensed to practice law, then hire a local lawyer for a few hundred dollars to represent you with no preparation].

There are many more cases to add to these by plaintiffs alleging fraud, racism and malpractice against The Cochran Firm.

1.SHAWN CHAPMAN HOLLEY vs. THE COCHRAN FIRM (former Cochran Firm attorney alleged racism, fraud, and sex discrimination)
NPR Interview - Chapman Holley revealed The Cochran Firm's program to defraud African Americans. She says that she and other Cochran Firm attorneys who refused to go along with the program were forced out.
LA Times

The Cochran Firm was sued by black employees who retained The Cochran Firm to represent them against their employer in a race discrimination lawsuit. The Cochran Firm had the workers to sign a confidentiality agreement for mediation. The Cochran firm then removed the signature page from the confidentiality agreement and used it in a settlement agreement without its clients' knowledge or permission and settled their lawsuit for a small sum.

Bolton, the former lead attorney in The Cochran Firm's Memphis office, alleged that The Cochran Firm cheated him of his righteous earnings when it went behind his back to merge with another law firm.

The Cochran Firm reassigned its honest attorney who had been working on the case, then settled its client's lawsuit that was worth approximately $3 billion for only $12.5 million for decades of environmental pollution, wrongful deaths, and catastrophic injuries (incl. cancers).

5. NEALS VS. THE COCHRAN FIRM (fraud, malpractice)
The Cochran Firm contracted with Hattie Neal, 80, to represent the survivors of Larry Neal, her mentally and physically disabled son. Larry was a heart patient who was killed after 18 days of secret arrest in Memphis Shelby County Jail. The Cochran Firm did no substantive work regarding Larry's secret arrest and death during the Tennessee statute of limitations, although it sent the family lying updates. When the family sued The Cochran Firm for fraud and malpractice, the firm denied even having a Memphis office or a Georgia office. The Cochran Firm conspired with government officials to keep Larry Neal's secret arrest and murder covered-up.

Edwina Davis was sexually exploited by a Cochran Firm lawyer who also worked against her interest in a civil action. He induced her to withdraw her lawsuit against her employer so that he could amend it. He never re-filed the lawsuit. Instead he settled with the company for a small sum.

Randy McMurray, Esq., a former Cochran Firm partner, sued The Cochran Firm, alleging RICO Act Racketeering and fraud. The Cochran Firm sued McMurray for using Johnnie Cochran's name for his law practice, saying that ALL of Cochran Firm offices are one business entity. That directly conflicts what the devious lawyers represented during the "Neals vs. The Cochran Firm" cases in Georgia (2004, 2007), where lawyers denied that a Cochran Firm office existed (perjury, fraud, malpractice, racketeering).

When The Cochran Firm frauds caused its client, Ms. Martinez, to lose hundreds of millions of dollars, she sued for malpractice. The Cochran Firm settled with her, then tried to recoup its payout from its insurance companies. The insurance companies said malpractice insurance is for accidents, not deliberate fraud. See a FORBES report:

9. THE COCHRAN FIRM DEFRAUDS THE ANDERSONS (Summary of this lawsuit removed from Lexis Nexus to protect the frauds)
A worker was killed because the seat on the truck he drove for his employer ejected him during an accident. He had reported the malfunctioning seat before, but nothing was done to correct the problem. His family sued for wrongful death through The Cochran Firm, which defrauded the dead worker's survivors presumably to help the trucking company. The man's sons then sued The Cochran Firm in Kentucky.

10. THE COCHRAN FIRM DEFRAUDS THE JACKSONS (Summary of this lawsuit removed from Lexis Nexus to protect the frauds)
The Cochran Firm contracted with a victim of traumatic brain injury following her accident with a company vehicle. When her brain surgery did not go well, The Cochran Firm settled her lawsuit for a small sum without consulting her sister, who held the injured woman's Power of Attorney. The sister sued The Cochran Firm for fraud and malpractice in California.

Ward, an Atlanta teenager, was killed by police for driving a vehicle they claimed they suspected was stolen. It was his mother's Tahoe. The shooter was indicted for Ward's murder but was never tried. This writer was told that The Cochran Firm, which contracted with Ward's family, never filed Ward's wrongful death lawsuit against police in civil court.

When Kathryn Johnston, 92, was killed by Atlanta police in 2006, her survivors contracted with The Cochran Firm to represent them in a wrongful death civil action. The Cochran Firm claimed it sued for $18m exactly one year later, but no original lawsuit was filed in GA Sup. Ct. or GA State Court, according to the courts' records. The Cochran Firm settled her wrongful death civil action for just $4.9 million in federal court (where it falsely claimed to have transferred the lawsuit from GA State Ct.) without taking the matter to trial, although two of the police officers were jailed for Johnston's murder. Why concede $13m to help police? The court case's docket is another fraud by multiple parties.

Dozier followed bad legal advice to defraud Fulton County Probate Court and was sued by Mekel Hutchins after Hezekiah Sistrunk, Esq. convinced his client to lie to Probate Court and omit reporting Hutchin's invoice to Johnston's estate.See "Mekel Hutchins vs. Murdered Elder's Estate" in the AJC
Sarah Dozier died of Legal Abuse Syndrome. The AJC reports, “Her sons claim that they believe the stress from the continued litigation contributed to [Dozier's] failing health and eventual demise."

Catalano & Plache alleges that The Cochran Firm defrauded the Washington, DC law firm of its fees for a case that the law firm worked on alongside The Cochran Firm frauds. "The defendants engaged in a pattern of conduct to defraud and deceive plaintiff," Catalano argued in the Manhattan Supreme Court suit.

When Christopher Tucker paid The Cochran Firm frauds over $12k to represent him regarding a resisting arrest charge during which police injured him, he alleges being sent an apparently drunk lawyer who had no legal right to practice law in the Oklahoma City court where Tucker's trial would be held. The seemingly intoxicated lawyer had been assigned by The Cochran Firm's National Director of Lawyers, a man who was himself disbarred in California. The lawyer The Cochran Firm sent to defend Tucker carried no briefcase and had no documents or evidence for Tucker's defense. Tucker lost his case and then sued The Cochran Firm frauds and police who he claims brutalized and Tasered him although he had committed no crime.

Crawford was a 22-year-old black father who was ambushed and killed while talking on the phone at an Ohio Walmart. Crawford was leaning on a toy rifle he planned to purchase. The Cochran Firm demanded only $75,000 for Crawford's survivors, which says, "Black Lives Don't Matter."

Carter was a young black man who was arrested in Jonesboro, AR. Police claim that the youth committed suicide after being searched twice and locked in the back of a police car with his hands double handcuffed. Curiously, the dash cam stopped working just prior to Carter's shooting and resumed working right after. The Cochran Firm contracted with his family and never actually filed suit, as far as this writer knows. That is a specialty of the frauds' - stringing families along while the statute of limitations passes.

Murdough was a Marine Corps veteran who had difficulty adjusting to civilian life after military service. The homeless man was arrested when he sought a place to stay on a Harlem rooftop. He was literally baked to death in Riker's Island Jail. The Cochran Firm cooked up a small settlement for his wrongful death.

When Rev. Vance's doctor gave him a clean bill of health, it caused his cancer to go untreated for two years and advance to stage 3. He retained The Cochran Firm to sue for medical malpractice. Rev. Vance did not know The Cochran Firm would help his doctor get off the hook, leaving him 100 percent disabled and facing multiple surgeries. Rev. Vance seeks an attorney to file legal malpractice against The Cochran Firm frauds. Contact him at

20. WHISTLEBLOWERS IN LOUISIANA contracted with The Cochran Firm to file a lawsuit against a chemical company. The lead plaintiff, who had been a good swimmer and a fisherman since childhood, somehow drowned after notifying his attorney he was going fishing. The lawsuit did not proceed after his demise and other plaintiffs, who also worked for the chemical company, feared for their lives. The chemical company changed its name and is still operational. This information came from a relative of the deceased lead plaintiff, who is convinced that her uncle was murdered and that The Cochran Firm may have arranged his death with his intended defendant.

An African American youth was killed by a St.Louis police officer in 2002. On the civil trial date in 2006, Rodney Holmes, Esq., The Cochran Firm lawyer, failed to appear in court to defend his client's wrongful death case. Ms. Judy Nashville, mother of the deceased, Stanley Parker, 17, called The Cochran Firm frauds' office and inquired. The Cochran Firm frauds reportedly called Holmes repeatedly but claimed they could not reach the missing attorney. Former police officer Keith McGull had allegedly killed Parker for no reason in the "Michael Brown" Missouri case of 2002. The police department's lawyer reportedly told Nashville that Holmes often stood up his clients. Once again, The Cochran Firm frauds used up their client's statute of limitations then pulled their CoIntelPro trick and "disappeared" - this time on the court date. The court reportedly gave Nashville a continuance, but The Cochran Firm frauds allegedly told their client they had no money remaining for that case.

22. LAWLESS AMERICA - Mary Neal's interview for "Lawless America - The Movie"
Beware of cyberstalkers, terrorists, and burglars if you sue a certain law firm for defrauding you! is the link for Congressional Testimony: Mary Neal to Bill Windsor of "Lawless America" Part 1 is the link for Congressional Testimony: Mary Neal to Bill Windsor of "Lawless America" Part 2

23. AIMI vs. USA - Mainstream media companies withhold reports about numerous lawsuits against The Cochran Firm, but Mary Neal reads legal journals to reveal the CoIntelPro program to the public. As a result, her home is surrounded by citizens police, and her phones and computers are taken over to sabotage communication. She experiences censorship using Internet services, as documented in "Justice Gagged" blog at and on film at YouTube channel JKEMPP703. Larry Neal, her brother, was a mentally ill African American man whose secret arrest and murder The Cochran Firm fraud prevented from going to court in a wrongful death civil action against Memphis Shelby County Jail. As a result, 100 mentally ill people and/or their families or survivors, as well as victims of people with untreated mental illness and addictions, plan a lawsuit in International Court in 2015 against the USA for crimes against humanity through an organization Neal founded called "Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill ("AIMI"). See "AIMI vs. USA" online at

RICO Act Racketeers


Thursday, July 23, 2015

Cochran Firm Fraud Appealed to 9th Circuit Court

SEX AND COURT - Lawyers should approach the women working in The Cochran Firm's Los Angeles office and offer to file sex discrimination lawsuits for them. According to former partner Randy McMurray, they must have office sex with Brian Dunn to work there. I do not know if Dunn has sexually assaulted any female clients. If you have been assaulted by Dunn or another sexual predator at The Cochran Firm, please write See an excerpt from Court House News Service below:

LOS ANGELES (Court House News Service ) Mar. 7, 2012  - "Elsewhere in the complaint,

McMurray says Dunn and other defendants have "engaged in erratic, unprofessional and petty behavior," paying an employee a salary plus overtime for sexual services, and hiring a private investigator, who allegedly spent her time having sex with Dunn."

One former Cochran Firm client says she was seduced by a former Cochran Firm attorney, Mechel Pete, who influenced her to allow him to remove her lawsuit from Fulton County, GA Superior Court to amend it, which amendment never happened. He allegedly settled the lawsuit for a small sum. The Cochran Firm will do anything --- for their clients' defendants. Edwina Davis began telling her story on this video The rest of her videos will be available for viewing at CreateSpace when I publish the book "The Cochran Firm Fraud" in August.

Lawyers like these bring shame on the legal profession. The fact that The Cochran Firm is allowed to present itself to the public as being ONE law firm then declare each office to be separate and unrelated when sued by defrauded clients is evidence that the media, consumer protection agencies, and the American judiciary believe black lives don't matter. We will see what the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals thinks about the matter when it decides on The Cochran Firm's appeal of USDC's decision. In May 2015, the United States District Court, Central District of California, decided that neither The Cochran Firm nor its district offices meet the criteria to be called "a law firm". That is exactly what The Cochran Firm Atlanta office said when my family sued for malpractice and fraud in "Neals vs. The Cochran Firm" (1). That is also exactly what The Cochran Firm told Judy Nashville when Cochran Firm attorney Rodney Holmes, Esq. failed to show up for court the day her son's wrongful death by police case finally was to be heard in St. Louis in 2006.

These people make a mockery of Johnnie Cochran's name and legacy. It's shameful that The Cochran Firm only demanded $75k for the wrongful death of John Crawford, III. Compare that to the $5.9m that Eric Garner's family settled for after his wrongful death. They were represented by real lawyers. The Cochran Firm defrauds African Americans by misusing Johnnie Cochran's name to sexually and financially exploit black women and families. That is why that firm exists and why mainstream media companies, consumer protection agencies, and American courts allow The Cochran Firm to continue wrecking havoc and help the lawyers hide lawsuits that defrauded clients continually file. It has been sued repeatedly for fraud, malpractice, and racism without censure and exposure. All African Americans are being penalized for Cochran's defense of O.J. Simpson.

Don't let your women meet with a Cochran Firm lawyer alone. At least, please carry mace.

Since media companies, consumer protection agencies, and some courts think black legal consumers deserve The Cochran Firm fraud because Johnnie Cochran successfully defended O.J. Simpson, helped to exonerate former Black Panther Party member ji Jaga (Geronimo Pratt), and announced plans in 2002 to sue the USA and major corporations for slavery and Jim Crow, it is up to you to help inform black families that they should not rely on The Cochran Firm for legal advocacy. The Cochran Firm is a court-declared FRAUD and is owned and operated by white supremacists and over-sexed, black Confederate soldiers.

Defrauded Cochran Firm clients should write Amicus Letters to the 9th Circuit Court supporting USDC's decision that it is NOT a law firm. I will be happy to help you prepare your letters for filing this weekend. Call me at 678.531.0262. If hackers try to prevent your calls, make a police report, please. I need more evidence of phone tampering for our case in International Court.

The Cochran Firm is allowed to advertise its legal services in states where there is no Cochran Firm office whatsoever and the lawyers are not registered to appear before any court in the state. That happened in the "Chris Tucker vs. The Cochran Firm" case

The U.S. legal system apparently hates African Americans if the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals allows this fraud to continue.

WHO let the dogs out?

(1) Whereas The Cochran Firm's regular defense when sued is to say that it is not a single law firm but separate law offices may be true in the case of "Judy Nashville vs. St. Louis," it was certainly NOT true in "Neals vs. The Cochran Firm". The Atlanta office, which disclaimed any association with the Memphis office of The Cochran Firm, made that claim although Cochran Cherry Givens Smith & Sistrunk LLC (CCGSS) was actually registered with the Secretary of State's office ONLY in Tennessee using the address of The Memphis Cochran Firm. Therefore, Georgia Sup. Court and USDC, Nothern District of GA, were defrauded and their decisions are VOID.
"We are not affiliated with The Cochran Firm offices" is the usual defense when any office of The Cochran Firm gets sued, but that defense does not apply to "Neals vs. The Cochran Firm." The lawyers are outright liars who put perjury before courts to avoid accountability after defrauding African American families.

Black families deserve consumer protection, but they won't get it from any of the consumer protection entities pictured above. I reported The Cochran Firm fraud to all of them in 2006, when The Cochran Firm prevailed in Georgia Superior Court by saying that the Atlanta office, where the Neals' lawsuit was served, was NOT a Cochran Firm office. Media companies and consumer protection agencies had a duty to warn other legal consumers that such a lie had prevailed in court. Instead, the FCC, BBB, FTC, and media have watched one grieving black family after another rely on the frauds for due process of law and refused to act on complaints filed by defrauded clients. We hope the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ends the lie that there is a law firm called The Cochran Firm. No law firm can disclaim association with its individual offices when they get sued and thereby dodge liability after their many violations underthe Code of Ethics & Standards of Professional Conduct.


Cochran Firm Fraud
Wrongful Death of Larry Neal
Black Lives Matter

Monday, June 8, 2015

USDC: The Cochran Firm is a FRAUD

By order of federal court, The Cochran Firm cannot be considered a "national law firm." It has falsified its identity and defrauded the world.

See the Order below that was issued May 12, 2015, by United States District Court Judge Philip Gutierrez dissolving (i.e., cancelling and dismissing) the preliminary injunction that The Cochran Firm had obtained to "protect" its alleged trademark.The Cochran Firm, P.C. - Order Dissolving Preliminary Injunction related to The Cochran Firm vs. Randy McMurray, Esq. Among the highlights from the order are the following passages:

1. "Defendant [McMurray] has met his burden that Plaintiff [The Cochran Firm] has unclean hands in the use of its trademark by advertising itself as a national law firm when there is no evidence that the individual offices are connected other than through agreements with Plaintiff." (Page 11.)

2. "In assessing whether [The Cochran Firm] meets the definition of a law firm under the California Rules of Professional Conduct, the Court finds that ... [The Cochran Firm], together with all of the individual regional offices, do not fit this definition." (Page 12.)


The Order below grants a motion by Defendant Randy McMurray for an order dissolving the preliminary injunction to protect the Cochran Firm name, as that name is NOT a part of any national law firm the court recognizes (the article continues after the Order).

It should come as no surprise that The Cochran Firm is a fraud to people who have followed the "MaryLovesJustice" articles and radio broadcasts and know about CoIntelPro tactics to undermine African Americans. In addition to presenting itself falsely as a national law firm, The Cochran Firm defrauded hundreds of its clients in the unprofessional handling of their legal cases over the 15 years since Johnnie Cochran's untimely death. In fact, The Cochran Firm is regularly sued for RACISM, MALPRACTICE, BREACH OF FIDUCIARY DUTY, SEXUAL MISCONDUCT, SEX DISCRIMINATION, BREACH OF CONTRACT, and of course, FRAUD. A list of the frauds that came to my attention are in a document entitled "Beware of Treacherous Lawyers: The Cochran Firm."

Members of the defrauded class of clients listed in the "Treacherous Lawyers" document above plan to sue Cochran Cherry Givens & Smith, P.C. for racketeering. We seek an attorney to present our irrefutable evidence before an impartial judge and jury. When one reads about the heinous frauds that have been done by these officers of the court, and oftentimes upheld in courts, one will recognize the lawlessness that reigns in the United States of America and the deep animosity against people of color, who are The Cochran Firm's usual clients/victims.

Media companies and consumer protection agencies have steadfastly refused to warn people of color by even publishing lawsuits and complaints against The Cochran Firm, which are plenteous. That is likely because The Cochran Firm defrauds its clients on behalf of municipalities, police departments, and other government agencies as well as large, wealthy corporations. Had media companies and consumer protection agencies published the complaints and lawsuits against The Cochran Firm timely, most of The Cochran Firm's defrauded clients would have chosen honest, earnest lawyers to represent their cases alleging wrongful deaths, police brutality, sex discrimination, race discrimination by employers, and catastrophic injuries caused by corporate negligence. Instead, African Americans and other Cochran Firm clients (usually minorities) were not informed, and The Cochran Firm used its position as their legal counsel to save government entities and large corporations billions of dollars.

Racism is still prevalent in the United States of America. As it was in the 1700's, when slaves built this country, The Cochran Firm was able to continue its frauds against people of color because of systemic racism. Legal organizations and bar associations continued to give The Cochran Firm coveted awards, knowing that under their suits, The Cochran Firm lawyers wear white robes and collude against their own clients to help their clients' defendants in civil cases, or collude with prosecutors in criminal cases. For The Cochran Firm frauds, throwing the fight (likely for kickbacks) is usual and ordinary. This is racketeering.

Racketeering: Traditionally, obtaining or extorting money illegally or carrying on illegal business activities, usually by Organized Crime. A pattern of illegal activity carried out as part of an enterprise that is owned or controlled by those who are engaged in the illegal activity. The latter definition derives from the federal Racketeer Influenced and Corruption Organizations Act (RICO), a set of laws (18 U.S.C.A. § 1961 et seq. [1970]) specifically designed to punish racketeering by business enterprises, like The Cochran Firm, i.e., Cochran Cherry Givens & Smith, P.C. Read more:

Whereas the Court found that The Cochran Firm does not qualify as a single law firm with law offices throughout the nation -- as is commonly claimed -- two of The Cochran Firm offices are certainly related although that relationship was falsely denied in Georgia courts: The Atlanta office (CCGSS) and the Memphis office. In fact, despite perjury put before the courts by defendants in the "Neals vs. The Cochran Firm" lawsuits (in both Georgia Superior Court and in Federal Court), wherein CCGSS disclaimed any association whatsoever with The Cochran Firm's Memphis law office, CCGSS was actually registered as a Tennessee professional corporation with its address in the Memphis Cochran Firm law office.

Perjury is such a common practice of The Cochran Firm lawyers and partners that perjury is even recommended to gullible clients, like Ms. Sarah Dozier (niece of Kathryn Johnston, 92-year-old Atlanta police murder victim, 2006). Dozier was induced by Hezekiah Sistrunk, Jr., Esq. to lie to Georgia Probate Court and deny receipt of an invoice against Johnston's estate that had been sent by Mekel Hutchins for public relations work he did acting as family spokesman immediately after Johnston's murder. Hutchins sued Dozier for lying to avoid paying his invoice, and Dozier died. Dozier's sons say her death was caused by Legal Abuse Syndrome.

Of all the frauds that The Cochran Firm does, those related to wrongful death cases are the most vile. See "Wrongful Death of Larry Neal" at

Read more details about The Cochran Firm frauds that came to this writer's attention (there are likely many more) in a blog called "Cochran Firm Fraud" at


SATAN, OUR GOD, remove this cup!
We send police to make her shut up
But she films our computer attacks
Word's getting out - that's a fact

So we destroy her computers
And position stalkers around her home
They even follow her to libraries
And take over her telephones

Our plan was working oh so well
Defrauding minorities, but she tells!
The truth is spreading coast to coast
We hide our hoods behind a dead lawyer's ghost
by Mary Neal (all rights reserved)

Some people were surprised to read recently that the Ku Klux Klan would accept Black and Hispanic members. It would be convenient if enemies were easily discerned by skin color, but that is not the case. Hezekiah Sistrunk and other African American lawyers in The Cochran Firm are persons who have no affinity with the masses of African Americans who yet struggle for recognition of the simple fact that Their skin color gives cover to the fraud being perpetuated against legal consumers who are African American. It says, "Trust me, I'm black." As Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said over 50 years ago, we must judge by character, not by skin color.

Congratulations to Randy McMurray, Esq. and to the lead attorney in the case "McMurray adv. The Cochran Firm, P.C," Yana G. Henriks, Esq.

Attention Lawyers:
We, the defrauded former clients of this so-called "national law firm," which has shamed the legal profession and defrauded courts of law as well as its own clients, attorneys and partners, require legal representation for our racketeering claim against The Cochran Firm frauds. Please read the list of defrauded former clients and choose a single case, or choose to represent all interested parties in a class action case. Just leave your website link as a comment to this article. If you telephone the writer, hackers generally interrupt or redirect my phone calls to other parties who lie and claim to be Mary Neal, or they allow you to leave me a message which will be deleted without my hearing it. Hackers also redirect and steal my emails. Thank you.

Send your Cochran Firm fraud reports to:
Mary Neal
a/k/a MaryLovesJustice Neal
Website: Wrongful Death of Larry Neal
Website: Cochran Firm Fraud
Phone (678)531.0262 or (571)335-1741

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Hutchins vs. The Cochran Firm Frauds, Round 2


Hezekiah Sistrunk, Esq., told his client, Sara Dozier, deceased, to lie to the court, and she did. That unethical legal advice might cost The Cochran Firm, which Rev. Hutchins is now suing.

Dozier was the niece of Kathryn Johnston, who Atlanta police killed in a home invasion on November 21, 2006. Dozier received invoices from Hutchins for his work as her community activist. Although he had no contract with Dozier for payment, Hutchins claims he was to be compensated at ten percent of her settlement. Dozier was asked by Probate Court whether there were any outstanding bills against Johnston's estate that should be paid out of the settlement amount she received from the City of Atlanta, and Dozier owed the Court the truth whether or not she agreed with the bill. Frauds against Sara Dozier are listed at number 12 and 13 in the article, "Beware of Treacherous Lawyers: The Cochran Firm."

Sistrunk, who regularly defrauds Georgia courts, told his client to just ignore Hutchins' invoices and tell the court there were no outstanding bills against Johnston's estate. Hutchins sued Dozier for lying, and she then died partly from Legal Abuse Syndrome. Now Hutchins is suing The Cochran Firm frauds for telling Dozier to ignore his invoices. The court revived Rev. Hutchins' lawsuit against The Cochran Firm. This should be interesting. 

Don't take all the money, Rev. Hutchins. That gangster backstabber, Hezekiah Sistrunk, defrauded my family even worse. The Atlanta office of The Cochran Firm (CCGSS) represented in Georgia Superior Court that it was no such thing. The office that Sistrunk manages claimed before the court to be wholly owned and operated in the State of Georgia and to have no connection with the national office of The Cochran Firm or the Memphis office of The Cochran Firm, where my elderly mother and I contracted with the firm to represent us in the wrongful death of Larry Neal case. 

The Cochran Firm never lifted a finger in the wrongful death of Larry Neal case except to use U.S. Mail fraud to write the Neals about legal work that was never really being done. They simply lied throughout the statute of limitations, knowing that Julian Bolton, a Shelby County Commissioner, was The Cochran Firm's lead attorney in the Memphis office, and the Shelby County Commission owns and operates the jail where Larry Neal, a mentally, physically disabled heart patient, was kidnapped and killed.

Denying that CCGSS was an office of The Cochran Firm and denying any association with the Memphis office were deliberate frauds on the court, because Cochran Cherry Givens Smith and Sistrunk (CCGSS) was in fact registered with the Tennessee Secretary of State's office using the Memphis office's address. Furthermore, Georgia had no CCGSS registered within the state at all, so it could not be a law firm that was "wholly owned and operated in the State of Georgia" as the unethical attorneys claimed. Our righteous lawsuit was dismissed by the court based on obvious perjury when CCGSS claimed it was served our lawsuit wrongly and falsely claimed not to exist as an office of The Cochran Firm. 

It does not stop there. We sued the frauds in federal court, serving The Cochran Firm's home office in Dothan, Alabama (which was hard to do - the service agent had to literally sit in front of the office in the predawn hours and catch them going inside). We also named and served the Memphis office of The Cochran Firm and David McLaughlin, individually. In federal court, the frauds actually denied having an office of The Cochran Firm in Memphis, Tennessee. The Cochran Firm partners are blatant liars and frauds who think nothing of committing perjury in courts of law and are not censured for it, for some strange reason. Certainly, if they honored Johnnie Cochran's legacy of defending cases brought by African Americans against police, they would have been censured for committing perjury. 

The Cochran Firm's crimes against people of color rise to the level of RICO Act Racketeering, which is what I, and many others, plan to sue the firm about. Families who lost loved ones to police violence do not deserve to be victimized by their own lawyers, The Cochran Firm frauds act like CoIntelPro agents.

Ironically, The Cochran Firm that declared itself to be separate offices in 2006 claims now to be a single law firm with offices across the nation, which has always been its claim except for when it faced lawsuit by the Neal family following its malpractice and fraud. The Cochran Firm did fraud to save Memphis Shelby County Jail from the Neals' lawsuit related to the police kidnapping and jailhouse murder of Larry Neal. It claims now to be a single law firm with numerous offices in defense of a lawsuit by former Cochran Firm partner, Randy McMurray, which is happening now. See Note how many times CCGSS disclaimed being The Cochran Firm in its Responses to Interrogatories:

Our federal court case, filed as plaintiffs using the diversity rule, was also STRANGE. The original judge, Willis B. Hunt,  recused himself immediately but actually came back to be named on the Order to Dismiss along with Judge Timothy Batten. The Order actually said that ANYTHING The Cochran Firm did to protect Shelby County Jail from the Neal's lawsuit was "immaterial." (This likely means that justice for black families seeking wrongful death damages after police violence is "immaterial" to federal court.)  I worked very hard for Troy Davis, recognizing that Georgia courts are prejudice against African Americans.

Despite two court cases, federal subpoenas and Freedom of Information Act requests to Memphis Shelby County Jail and Government and to the United States Department of Justice, my family is still deprived of knowing the circumstances of Larry Neal's secret incarceration and murder in Shelby County Jail. I suppose he may have been used for waterboarding training, which is reportedly how Gregory Stampley was killed in Stillwater Prison in Minnesota in 1994. 

Stampley was also a black, schizophrenic inmate like Larry was. As director of Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill, I met the woman who reported Stampley's torture in Stillwater Prison, but his rescue was late arriving, and Stampley expired. Diana Sprouse reported that according to a Stillwater Prison inmate who called her to help Stampley, the man was lying in his cell on a board of wood. Several times a day, corrections officers would go into Stampley's cell with the water hoses, and Stampley could be heard clearly by other inmates screaming, gurgling, and begging for his life. Sprouse reported the abuse to prison officials and then to the media. She feels that it was partly because of her "interference" regarding Stampley that her own son, Mark Bowles, a veteran who suffers from epilepsy, was recently railroaded into prison. Sprouse was not called to testify at the trial regarding Stampley's wrongful death, and it is not clear if inmates who observed his abuse testified. During that time, the term "waterboarding" was not widely known, but Sprouse believes that is how Stampley died because of the description by the inmate who relayed Stampley's torture to her.

Inmates are reliable witnesses to prison and jail murders. For example, inmates gave details about the murder of Daniel Linsinbigler in Clay County Jail in Florida, and his death was ruled homicide. Corrections officers had initially said the teenager was "found unresponsive in his cell." Linsinbigler, who was arrested during a psychiatric crisis, was actually strangled with pepper spray, Tasered, then killed in a restraint chair, saying, "I can't breathe." Texas inmates explained why Sergio Robles, another mentally ill inmate, killed Officer Hamilton within hours of Robles' release from jail. Inmates divulged that Robles had begged for his psychotropic medications and had been refused during the 14 days while he was imprisoned in Harris County Jail. They reported that before Robles' release, corrections officers beat him severely and took him to the hospital, then released him in a psychiatric crisis and physical pain. He arrived home in crisis, and police were called. Robles shot the responding officer, Hamilton. Another example is Harold Hempstead. He is a Florida inmate who heard Darren Rainey screaming for help and begging for mercy for 45 minutes as he died in the scalding hot shower where he was dragged and locked in by murderous corrections officers. Hempstead contacted the Miami Herald after prison officials failed to demand accountability for the murder.

Larry Neal's murder is still a secret of the United States Department of Justice, which was in overview of Shelby County Jail after lawsuit by the USA, and it is kept secret by the Shelby County Government. As a result, I experience censorship, hacking of my work product, and in-person gangstalking from 2008, when my federal lawsuit was served, to this present date. I undergo intimidation and financial persecution, because I will not "let sleeping dogs lie." In uncovering why The Cochran Firm defrauded my family to prevent Larry's police kidnapping and murder from going to court in the wrongful death case, I discovered many other lawsuits against The Cochran Firm that the public never heard about. Whenever possible, I connect with the victimized black people and conduct interviews with them on Blogtalkradio, because consumer protection agencies and state bars will not warn black legal consumers about The Cochran Firm frauds.

I discovered and report that The Cochran Firm regularly defrauds African Americans seeking justice after police violence and wrongs by major corporations, and this has been happening since Johnnie Cochran's death. The Cochran Firm's frauds and lawsuits against the unethical attorneys are not reported by mainstream media companies. Numerous legal organizations continue to bestow awards on The Cochran Firm and its lawyers no matter how many times they are sued by their former partners, attorneys, one partnering law firm, and numerous former clients for racism, fraud, and malpractice. 

It all seems to be a huge conspiracy against African Americans by numerous parties. For example, Sistrunk, who instructed his client, Sara Dozier, to lie to Fulton Probate Court, is lead attorney at the "disappearing" Atlanta office of The Cochran firm and president of the national office of The Cochran Firm. He was recently awarded the prestigious Clarence Darrow Award. Darrow was one of the founding attorneys of the ACLU, and I am sure Darrow would be offended at his name being used to help defraud African Americans. Why else would Sistrunk be awarded such an honor? Sistrunk was also recently inducted into the Gate City Bar Hall of Fame. Awarding Sistrunk such honors creates a false impression in legal consumers' minds, especially since mainstream media companies withhold information about lawsuits against The Cochran Firm. Apparently, African Americans are being made fools of by more than just The Cochran Firm, which apparently saves government agencies and large corporations billions of dollars annually by defrauding its own clients.

I have proof of a much worse fraud against Kathryn Johnston's estate than inducing Sara Dozier to lie to Probate Court. The fraud is such an outrage that I do not plan to publish it unless gangsters endanger my family or myself. You will not even read about it in my book, "The Cochran Firm Fraud."

The news story about Hutchins' lawsuit against The Cochran Firm is in the article below. Excerpt:
"Hutchins sued both the estate and its lawyers, claiming that one of the lawyers for the estate, Hezekiah Sistrunk of Cochran, Cherry, Givens, Smith & Sistrunk ("the Cochran Firm") promised to "take care" of Hutchins after the case settled. Hutchins subsequently dropped his claims against the estate."

Wrongful Death of Larry Neal webste

Note how many times CCGSS disclaimed being The Cochran Firm in its Responses to Interrogatories:

Following The Cochran Firm fraud trail leads to white liberals

Beware of Treacherous Lawyers: The Cochran Firm
This article lists all of the lawsuits against The Cochran Firm and allegations of fraud, malpractice, and racism that I know about presently. It was updated this week with no. 21 - Judy Nashville, who was stood up by her lawyer on the court date when The Cochran Firm was to represent her case involving her teenage son's wrongful death by St. Louis police (Nashville vs. St. Louis). Stanley Parker was killed in September 2002, and the court date was in 2006, after Johnnie Cochran's death. Her Cochran Firm lawyer was a no-show.

Read a Human Rights Watch excerpt about Gregory Stampley at this url

Repeat of paragraphs 1 and 2: Hezekiah Sistrunk, Esq., told his client, Sara Dozier, deceased, to lie to the court, and she did. That unethical legal advice might cost The Cochran Firm, which Rev. Hutchins is now suing.

Dozier was the niece of Kathryn Johnston, who Atlanta police killed in a home invasion on November 21, 2006. Her niece, Dozier, received invoices from Hutchins for his work as her community activist. Although he had no contract with Dozier for payment, Hutchins claims he was to be compensated at ten percent of her settlement. Dozier was asked by Probate Court whether there were any outstanding bills against Johnston's estate that should be paid out of the settlement amount she received from the City of Atlanta, and Dozier owed the Court the truth, whether or not she agreed with the bill. Frauds against Sara Dozier are listed at number 12 and 13 in the article, "Beware of Treacherous Lawyers: The Cochran Firm."

The Cochran Firm boasts that it has been mentioned in the below law journals and given awards by the following concerns that help the frauds keep its false image of being an ethical law firm while it continues to defraud African Americans from coast to coast and pervert justice in courtrooms throughout the USA. NONE of the below enterprises will report the Cochran Firm's many frauds against its own former lawyers and clients. If "white liberals" and lapdog blacks did that, the public would be warned, and the CoIntelPro game would be over. The Cochran Firm would lose its ability to save police departments and major corporations from paying righteous damages to settle lawsuits by people of color.

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