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Fraud Against Police Victim Stanley Parker

We Have Another Cochran Firm Fraud to Report: An African American youth was apparently murdered by a St.Louis police officer in 2002. On the civil trial date in 2006, Rodney Holmes, Esq., a The Cochran Firm lawyer, was missing in action. He did not appear in court to defend his client's wrongful death case. Judy Nashville, mother of the deceased, Stanley Parker, 17, called The Cochran Firm frauds' office and inquired. The Cochran Firm frauds reportedly called Holmes repeatedly but claimed they could not reach the missing attorney. The police department's lawyer reportedly told Nashville that Holmes often did that to clients. Once again, The Cochran Firm frauds used up their client's statute of limitations then pulled their CoIntelPro trick and "disappeared" - this time on the court date. Nine reference urls are provided below. Pray with me that they don't also "disappear." Stalkers filled this article with unnecessary codes in the .html view, which will be removed later. 

We interviewed Judy Nashville on Blogtalkradio and experienced CoIntelPro interference there. Then while using the same phones, we resumed the radio broadcast at FreeConferenceCall and had clear reception. Access the programs at the two urls below:
1)  "Cochran Firm Fraud vs. Justice for Stanley Parker, Killed by St. Louis PD 2002" (Blogtalkradio)
2)  Cochran Firm Fraud vs. Justice for Christopher Tucker re Brutality by Oklahoma City Police

Nashville said former St. Louis police officer Keith McGull, fired his gun on Parker, his brother and a friend without provocation and killed her son. Of course McGull faced no criminal charges, plus The Cochran Firm defrauded the family of their righteous lawsuit. Hear this distraught mother Thursday night, May 7, 2015, at 9pmEST on "Human Rights Demand" channel at BlogTalkRadio. Please do not rely on The Cochran Firm frauds for legal services, especially not for defense on criminal charges or lawsuits against police, major corporations, or the federal government. See a list of similar frauds against people of color in the article, "Treacherous Lawyers: The Cochran Firm Frauds." A url is provided among the nine below.

After Holmes missed the date for "Nashville vs. St. Louis," The Cochran Firm frauds told Ms. Nashville that the law firm did not have the money to get a continuance and a new court date. Most Cochran Firm clients do not understand the court process or their rights. Nashville said she went to other attorneys, but they would not accept the case with so little time to prepare. Nashville said The Cochran Firm had not taken depositions from witnesses to present the case, anyway. Police arrested some of the youths who had witnessed Stanley Parker being shot to death. This seems typical of how The Cochran Firm and police work together to suppress justice for victimized African Americans.

Nashville tried to continue the wrongful death case pro se, but she said the judge told her she could not do that; she had to have an attorney. If that is true, then obviously the court and The Cochran Firm frauds united to suppress Nashville's case against St. Louis Police Department regarding Parker's death just like Georgia courts apparently united with The Cochran Firm frauds to suppress justice regarding the murder of my mentally, physically disabled brother, Larry Neal, who died after 18 days of secret arrest (a kidnapping and murder by police in Memphis, Tennessee).

Running black teenagers are often considered criminals by police and are regularly shot and killed, especially in some neighborhoods. That apparently led to Parker's death. Nashville reports that when Parker, his brother and a friend finished cleaning a neighbor's attic, it was late at night. They were walking home when they saw a Chevy Lumina approaching them, driving fast. Their neighborhood had gang activity, and the boys darted into an ally for safety. They did not see a policeman exit the car and hide behind a dumpster. Keith McGull reportedly emerged from that hiding place and opened fire on the teens without saying a word and minus any provocation. This was apparently a case of "black teens running - shoot!"

Nashville said McGull had beaten his fiance half to death before joining the police force. He was implicated in other crimes after killing her son and was finally relieved of duty for good. McGull was also fired after killing Parker, but he was rehired after that tragedy and was fired again after doing other crimes. McGull is probably a police officer or an inmate someplace today.

Rodney Holmes, Esq. apparently left The Cochran Firm despite his excellent work suppressing justice for Parker's wrongful death, and he now runs his own law practice. This is why other Cochran Firm fraud victims and I check the background of lawyers involved in high profile cases regarding police violence to see if they have worked for The Cochran Firm since Johnnie Cochran announced a reparations lawsuit against the USA and major corporations and soon died. We do this to warn the defendants and plaintiffs because consumer protection agencies, state bars, media companies, and legal referral services will not report The Cochran Firm frauds to black legal consumers. Randy Short, a human rights advocate, facilitated Nashville's connection with Mary Neal, who hopes to be the lead plaintiff against The Cochran Firm in a RICO Act lawsuit against The Cochran Firm. There are now hundreds of potential plaintiffs. Interested lawyers are invited to contact Mary Neal, using the contact information below (her communication is compromised by stalkers, so please be persistent).

There has been no investigation and censure against The Cochan Firm by mainstream media companies or consumer protection agencies to day. Reporting The Cochran Firm's many frauds against its former clients would stop the success of future frauds by this corrupt law firm and negatively impact government agencies and large corporations that depend on The Cochran Firm to defraud its clients in order to protect their assets from African Americans' lawsuits. After Cochran's death, the national law firm fell into the hands of unethical and apparently racist partners, Cherry, Givens, Smith or Sistruck. Smith was and Sistrunk is black, which proves that racism is practiced by African Americans for material gain, also (see "Racist Black Elitist Traitors," an article in "Cochran Firm Fraud" blog - the link is provided at the end of this article).

This is not to say that every individual lawyer at The Cochran Firm is corrupt. Some attorneys who left the firm after Cochran's demise sued the firm for racism, fraud, and other offenses, including Shawn Chapman-Holley and Randy McMurray. Vicki L. Gilliam also left the firm after partners took her case regarding environmental pollution of the Ramapough People's lands in New Jersey (Google 'Mann v. Ford' by Mary Neal" to read about that fiasco). The Cochran Firm fraud partners then settled the case that was valued at $3billion for a mere $12.5million (see also an HBO special about the case). Attorneys with integrity and professional ethics are ordinarily forced out of The Cochran Firm like the three listed above were. McMurray's lawsuit is happening now in California. My latest update on McMurray's lawsuit is in an article in FreeSpeakBlog called "McMurray, The Cochran Firm, and Hattie Neal" (a link is provided below).

Nashville said she believes Holmes was on drugs in 2006. She did not know that what Holmes did was usual and ordinary behavior from The Cochran Firm frauds until speaking with me. Holmes is apparently working out of a post office box now at
The Holmes Firm
Po Box 771098
Saint Louis, MO 63177
Office: 314-249-8713

A righteous person cares about JUSTICE for the poor, but the wicked have no such concern" ~Proverbs 29:7. WHERE are "black-owned" media companies, we ask. "I Can't Breathe," by SupremeMind. Awesome!

OFFICER FIRED SHOT THAT KILLED TEENAGER: POLICEMAN SAYS HE WAS RETURNING FIRE WHEN TEEN WAS HIT. INCIDENT IS UNDER INVESTIGATION.(Obituary) - A bullet taken from the body of Stanley Parker, 17, had been fired from the 9 mm pistol of a St. Louis police officer, ballistics tests confirmed Tuesday. Investigators continued to look for witnesses or physical evidence to substantiate Officer Keith McGull's statement that he was returning fire at someone who fired at him early Monday morning near O'Fallon Park. A derringer found with Parker had not been fired. No shell casings were found except the nine ejected from McGull's semiautomatic pistol . . .

Another news article about Stanley Parker's murder is called "Deadly Dilemma"
As McGull's unmarked Chevy Lumina approached Parker and his three teenage companions, the kids bolted down the alley, only to be met at the other end by the uniformed McGull. The officer says he verbally warned the kids and fired nine rounds at Parker only after being fired upon. Parker's brother, sixteen-year-old Joshua Nashville, flatly denies this, saying that McGull didn't make a peep and that none of the boys fired a gun, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

"Treacherous Lawyers: The Cochran Firm Frauds"
"Racist Black Elitist Traitors"
"McMurray, The Cochran Firm, and Hattie Neal"

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Margaret Sanger, a racist eugenicist, is/was being considered for the $20 bill: Bravo!

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