Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Cochran Firm Fraud Videos and Koffietime Tweets

Cochran Firm Fraud 1 and 2 videos




More videos will be added.


  1. Most definitely. Identify leaders in college or even high sch. Begin surveillance. If/when they run for office, OWN them.
  2. How many cases have U NOT represented because of defrauding the Neals? We'll never know, but ppl tell me thanks continually.
  3. Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill Blogtalkradio show Wednesdays (818)572.2947 at 9pm Pacific taped 3/12/14
  4. Sure you would. White supremacists and black Confederate soldiers have no remorse about their crimes against humanity. No home training.
    1. Tell the truth for once. If U could go back to 2008, would U still defraud my then 80-yr-old mama?

      Image will appear as a link
  5. Attys love to read abt U. This article had 45 G+ shares, then 30, now 10 (stalkers). Entertaining.
  6. Say, you haven't seen boxes of my orig lawsuits around yo offices, have ya? Somebody burglarized my house and stole them.
  7. Some ppl R so SLOW they think paying mainstream media will keep secrets contained Welcome to 21st cen
  8. Haven't much time today, but we're going to have a BALL on . Glad U finally heard abt it. SLOW on tech, right?
  9. Heard abt meds for oversexed ppl (made for prisoners & mental hosp. inpatients). Try some in Dunn's water cooler. Ask 1st.
  10. They're messing with my YouTube video Trying to find the 1 where she says denied asso.
  11. HELLO! Welcome to ! This has been a long time coming. I think about you all the time! Lots of defrauded clients do.
  12. Was it your law office the 1 that defrauded Catalano & Plache, or a disappearing office? How'd it end?
  13. Glad some of y'all finally joined under your TRUE identity. I know you have so many I.D.s, but this is great!
  14. If she didn't tell about her interview with DC on tape 1, listen to all 5 tapes I have originals & mo.
  15. Did U tell this woman U weren't affiliated w/ Cochran Firm Atl? She said you did. Denying yo siblings!
  16. WHAT? Lord free us of SADISTS in the justice system.
  17. LEGAL VICTORIES! Caribbean Nations Sue for Slavery Reparations through Leigh Day Read abt the firm and lawsuit. Kudos
  18. MaryLovesJustice Blogs and Radio Shows Busy reporting censored news every day. Eyeball to eyeball conflicts with NSA
  19. One might surmise that specialty schools in New York are racially discriminating private schools at the public's expense.
  20. Dems and GOP agmt re War on Drugs, curtailing mandatory min sentencing and SHU. Pass HR3717, address and we're done!
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